The Hidden Currency of Self-Worth

Ever measured your net worth beyond bank balances and assets? Today I explore the uncharted territories of self-worth. Through personal anecdotes and relatable scenarios, I shed light on the often-overlooked personal net worth that defines our life experiences. Dive in to uncover the signs of undervaluing oneself and discover the transformative power of genuinely valuing who you are. This isn't just a read; it's a journey toward recognizing and embracing your unparalleled value in the universe.

Kereta Merchant

8/20/20232 min read

The Hidden Currency of Self-Worth

The sun was setting, casting an orange-pink hue across the room, creating the perfect ambiance for reflection. Sitting in my favorite armchair, I realized I wasn't valuing myself. It felt like that fleeting moment when you find the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Everything just clicked.

The reaction of people around me baffled me more than this personal revelation. When I began to stand up for myself, to request the basic courtesy of being addressed by my name instead of a dismissive "hey you," it was as if I had done something unimaginable. This seemingly minor incident was like a magnifying glass, amplifying areas where I consistently undervalued myself, especially in my friendships and relationships. This personal depreciation casts a shadow on my energy, making me feel less than vibrant and lively.

Your True Net Worth Lies Within

If you religiously follow financial blogs or news, you know the term 'net worth.' But, have you ever paused to think about your own 'personal net worth'? Stocks, bonds, or the number of zeros in your bank account don't measure this. This net worth comes from within – your self-worth, respect, and value.

Elevating this personal net worth has a beautiful ripple effect. The universe, in all its wisdom, operates on energies. Just like The Law of Attraction states, the energy we emit is the same energy we receive. If you continuously undervalue yourself, you signal the universe to send similar vibrations your way.

Warning Bells of Low Self-Worth

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Settling for the Ordinary: When you consistently accept less than you deserve, whether in your professional life, relationships, or personal aspirations.

  • Turning a Blind Eye to Disrespect: Not standing your ground when others disrespect or belittle you.

  • Perpetual Waiting: Constantly waiting for those who seemingly never have time for you.

  • Shrugging off Achievements: Passing off your hard-earned successes as mere luck.

  • Seeking Affirmation: Leaning heavily on others' opinions to validate your worth.

If they do, it might be time for some self-reflection. Why dim your inner shine?

Harness the Power of Self-Worth

Believing in yourself and understanding your value is like a magnet. It pulls towards you experiences, opportunities, and individuals that resonate with this elevated sense of self-worth.

Before your morning routine of checking bank notifications or emails, stand in front of the mirror. Look deep into the eyes of the person staring back. That's your most significant investment, your biggest asset. Do you genuinely value her/him? The universe is all ears, keenly waiting to reflect the worth you perceive within yourself.

In this beautiful journey, remember: your self-worth is the bedrock of all other worth forms. Value yourself unapologetically and watch as the world mirrors that value back to you.

Let this be a gentle reminder to everyone reading that you are invaluable, and it's time the world knows it too!