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At Happitunity, our mission is to empower individuals to reach their full potential. Our vision is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We achieve this through proven coaching methodologies that enhance personal growth and development.



My Journey

Hi, I am Kereta, and I am delighted to share how I got here with you. I never set out to start a business; it all stemmed from a profound quest for personal happiness and a sacred promise. Despite having everything I thought would bring me joy, I found myself grappling with deep-seated depression. Unsure of the way forward, I implored God for guidance toward happiness, saying that if I found it, I would dedicate my life to helping others find it. My prayers were answered through divine intervention, and I stand committed to fulfilling that promise by guiding others toward their own paths to happiness and fulfillment.

black framed eyeglasses on white printer paper
black framed eyeglasses on white printer paper
Life-changing experiences



Empowering You to Succeed

As an ICF-certified success coach, my methods are grounded in cutting-edge research on effective growth strategies. We'll leverage techniques like goal-setting, visualization, and habit formation to rewire your mindset for success. But also recognize the magic of energy and intention. You can manifest your goals in tangible ways by aligning your thoughts and actions with your desired outcomes.

The path to your greatest self starts with a single step. If you're ready to invest in your growth and embrace a life of fulfillment, I invite you to book an exploration call. Let's explore how my coaching can help you unlock your infinite potential and thrive.


5 Years

Coaching experience

Transformative results

Kereta is truly inspiring. Her mission to spread happiness, vision for a better world, and innovative methods are commendable.

Happy Soul

person holding picture of 2 women
person holding picture of 2 women